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Food & Sustainability

Food & Sustainability
  • What does the fee include?
  • The cost includes:
    - the fruition of 20 dynamic, digital modules
    - all teaching materials, including recommended readings and teaching tools
    - access to EIIS Digital Campus
    - exclusive access to multidisciplinary experts in the world of food
  • Which opportunities should I expect?
  • The purpose of EIIS is to create a strong sense of community, integrating the participants of this edition and those of future ones with experts and managers who will accompany you along the way.

    We want to create a network of knowledge where it will be possible to have a continuous discussion over time. An underlying belief will be to unite everyone with the aim of preserving the health of people and Planet.
  • How will the lectures be organized?
  • You will attend 20 dynamic, digital modules. The live sessions will take place once a week, from 5 to 6.30 pm CET. Each module will include:
    - a first analytical overview on the various themes of food sustainability
    - a second, interactive part of discussion, workshops and Q&A.
  • Will I get a final certificate?
  • The certificate will only be issued to those who have attended at least 70% of the modules (15 out of 20) and who were actively involved in the team challenge.The goal is to stimulate participants’ motivation in attending live sessions and ensure constant interaction between them and, of course, with our experts.The certificate will be issued digitally and an associated QR Code will also be provided. This way each participant will be able to easily consult all the results obtained and the work carried out during the course (also in view of future interviews).
  • What will the final challenge consist of?
  • Throughout the whole course, participants will be tackling a crucial issue. The challenge is huge and what the greatest minds and organizations have been working on for some time: how to feed 10B by 2050 healthy food preserving the health of people and Planet. While we may not find the ultimate solution, tackling the challenge will go a long way in helping us learn about the subject matter.By proposing ways in which single countries can improve the sustainability of their food systems, participants will be able to suggest how to promote food sustainability globally. The approach used is that of "Challenge Based Learning": a real way of life in the EIIS community. Each module will provide useful insights, data and tools for the challenge. At the end of the course, students will be asked to present their proposed solutions to a jury of experts who will evaluate their works.
  • What are the sectors in which I could use the skills acquired during the course?
  • The skills acquired during the course will be useful to anyone working or wanting to work in the world of food, both in the private and public sectors.
  • What job outlets can I expect?
  • Our Certificate Programs are designed to be challenging, flexible, and short enough to allow you to immediately apply everything you've learned. So you are always up-to-date on the major issues that will affect our future. The purpose of EIIS is to create and facilitate relationships, networking and a strong sense of community, integrating past and future participants, faculty members who will accompany you along the way and our Course Coordinators.
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