The European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS)

 is an academic company, designing innovative solutions for companies, academia and institutions to facilitate and foster innovation for sustainability.
In EIIS people come together to achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability, through education, research, constant experimentation and a network of excellence. We don't have students and professors, just people willing to play an active role in today’s society, we don’t have companies and suppliers, just peers willing to cooperate for a better future.

Innovating the future

Being sustainable simply means being able to last over time. Therefore striving for sustainability is not a moral issue nor an ethical choice, but an essential action to ensure our very survival. EIIS is the go-to partner for companies looking to expand their knowledge of innovation and sustainability.

Spazio Taverna

“Spazio Taverna is our creative laboratory of the future, a place to bring together the world of artistic and cultural creativity, citizens and companies. Innovation for sustainability exists only when we can imagine the future, a capacity that we can train and improve thanks to creativity and cultural contamination.”

Andrea Geremicca
Director of EIIS
The projects promoted by Spazio Taverna always involve two or more actors, who create an immersive moment resulting from a dialogue between imaginaries, based on new forms of contamination between different and distant worlds.

From prototyping to projects.

Prototyping plays the role of creating and modeling a physical form to test alternative approaches and to validate a project. We at EIIS can say, almost every new idea will need its prototype examples before it appears as a complete project.

Employee training is a critical factor. Enel X decided to focus on a different mode, creating a real talk show.
A series of workshops on Defence Innovation promoted by the Defence Innovation Centre of the General Staff were held every four months.
Barilla inaugurated a new Trigeneration facility in Parma, the story is told in a documentary with a strong emotional impact.
The project is promoted by the Einaudi Institute in Rome: 5 schools, 20 students and 2 biologists from the WWF. A day as a researcher in sailing.